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Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion


Pedigree: k9data click here

Born: 2014.04.04
Gender: Male
Height: 46,5 cm
Weight: 17 kg

Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
Working Class Certificate (WCC)

HD B, ED 0/0, OCD free
prcd PRA: clear by parentage
CEA/CH: clear by parentage
Eyes: clear
DM: clear by parentage
JADD: clear by parentage
DEN: normal/clear
CLPS: normal/clear
CP1: clear/normal
DTR BUFF: normal/clear
(back x-rayed in 2018 – healthy)

Other tests:
tested for brucella canis – clear
tested for Mycoplasma spp – clear
tested for Chlamydia – clear
tested for Canine herpesvirus – clear


Spock x Abby – read more
(6 girls, 5 boys, born on: 2018.03.31)

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(1 girl, born on: 2016.12.07)

Spock, officially NEXTGENERATION PEAKPERFORMANCE Dancing with Fire, is our second toller that has come from the „Dancing with Fire” kennel from Krakow (Poland). His parents, Kalmegess’ CANADIAN RANGER (Ranger) and Stonaway’s SKY TRINITY (Trin), were imported from Canada.

When we decided to have our second toller, we wanted a dog with a huge ‚will to please’ and a great working potential to meet our ambition and goals in obedience and dummy training. Trin won us over with her temperament, diligence, focus, drive, and the style of work. The pedigree of the ‚Next Generation’ litter riveted us with the numerous work titles won by Spock’s ancestors, including the famous Westerlea Elias’ Tidal Wave (Chelsea), a splendid bitch with a stellar track record of hunting titles. In this line there are also many dogs from the appreciated Foxgrove Kennel.

Spock is a dog fixed on his humans with great ‚will to please’. He is a cuddly little fellow who follows our every step. We like to call him a good boy; there have been no problems with his character, the dog is non-combative and quite responsive to call offs.

With his superior physical fitness, the dog is very agile and highly maneuverable. His dummy work is very important to him, and Spock shows this with great speed and tenacity, perfectly negotiating all shrubs and bushes in his way.

Spock is also an excellent swimmer with a great water courage. He is eager for work to the point of actually squealing of impatience and excitement. We have been slowly but successfully taming his emotions, although this takes a lot of time and his urges must (unfortunately!) be phased out a little bit.

Spock has passed dummy competitions, Working Tests and an unofficial tolling hunting test. He passed an official hunting test for retrievers and got the Working Class Certificate (WCC) issued by the Polish Kennel Club. Spock is a proven hunting dog and a working retriever – he was used in duck, goose and pheasant hunting.

Spock’s performance in obedience training is a bit different than his dummy practice. In dummy training he responds well to pressure, new challenges and difficult exercises, as the dummy work is self rewarding for him. In obedience training, my relation with dog is extremly important. Spock needs to have immediate feedback of his performance and needs know when I am really satisfied with his work. As he senses and takes the stress and anxiety of his handler, my clear head and attidude are a bit a key to success.  

In obedience training, where precision is required, we need to keep the criteria, work in a binary pattern and remember to only reward him in the right spots or moments. Spock is a quick learner and easily remembers the performance he is rewarded for. The work with Spock must be based on many positive and quick adjustments in short and intensive sessions. His strengths include dynamic exercises and a proper balance between motivation with food and toys. 

Spock is currently competing in FCI obedience class 2. As members of the Na Fali Obedience Team (Poland) we train with Joanna Hewelt.

Spock is a stud dog available on a limited basis to approved bitches only.


Working Class Certificate (WCC)

Proven hunting dog (ducks, geese, pheasants)

30/09/2018 – Hunting Test for Retrievers (Biskupin, PL)
Class B – 3. prize (3rd degree diploma)

09/08/2018 – Hunting Test for Retrievers (Czernikowo, PL)
Class B – 3. prize (3rd degree diploma)

26/03/2017 – Tolling Tests – unofficial (Velké Meziříčí, CZ)
Nkl – 1st prize, place 4/12
Best Tolling – judge: Sverker Haraldsson (SE)


24/08/2019 – Working Test (Golub-Dobrzyń, PL)
Class L, 43/80 points
Judge: Beppe Masia (IT) & Cinzia Masetti Fedi Sgorbati (IT)

03/08/2018 – Dummy Test – Arbetsprov
Muskö, Sweden – Tollarspecialen 2018
Open Class – 81/100 points, place 3/15
Judge’s Choice

30/06/2018 – Working Test (Brzeszczki Duże, PL)
Class E, 63/100 points, place 3/7
Judge: Stefano Martinoli (IT)

09/06/2018 – Working Test (Garwolin, PL)
Class E – 64/80 points, place 2/12
Judge: Kurt Becksteiner (AT)

04/08/2017 – Dummy Test – Arbetsprov
Laholm, Sweden – Tollarspecialen 2017
Open Class – 55/100 points, place 8/10

05/08/2016 – Dummy Test – Arbetsprov
Forsvik, Sweden – Tollarspecialen 2016
Novice Class – 78/100 points, place 15/73

19/09/2015 – Dummy Competition (Wawrzkowizna, PL)
Class E – 65/80 points, place 2/4
Judge: Leszek Siejkowski (PL)


Obedience Class 2

2018.04.08 – Tollarspecialen 2018 (Muskö, SE)
place 3/9, note: very good – 253/320 points
Judge: Anders Svensson (SE)

Obedience Class 1

2017.02.04 – Obedience Competition in Wrocław (PL)
place 1/22, note: excellent – 284/320 points
Judge: Jacek Lewkowicz (PL)

2017.12.03 – Obedience Competition in Grębiszew (PL)
place 9/17, note: good – 222/320 points
Judge: Stanisław Pasek (PL)

2017.11.03 – Obedience Competition in Grębiszew (PL)
place 7/19, note: very good – 247/320 points
Judge: Viktoria Varsani (IT)

2017.14.01 – Obedience Competition in Gdynia (PL)
place 3/19, note: excellent – 277/320 points
Judge: Rudy Cattrysse (BE)

2016.06.08 – Tollarspecialen 2016 (Forsvik, SE)
place 2/11, note: excellent – 181,5/200 points
Judge: Siw Carlén (SE)

Begginer’s Class

2016.19.06 – Obedience Competition in Gdynia (PL)
place 4/7, note: excellent – 87/100 points
Judge: Katarzyna Drobik-Michalska (PL)

2015.01.08 – Tollarspecialen 2015 (Sälen, SE)
lace 7/31, note: excellent – 160,5/200 points
Judge: Anders Ostling (SE)

Companion Dog Exam

2015.29.08 – Companion Dog Exam in Poznań (PL)
note: excellent (198/200 points), place 1/3
Judge: Tadeusz Roszkiewicz (PL)


Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
8 x BOB


Toller on a gundog show


Huntingdogs dog show winner

Photo: Clockwork Shepherd’s

Dog Shows 2019

Work & Show Weekend 2019 (Golub-Dobrzyń, PL) – place 2/12
Ranking based on WT + CWC/CAC results.
Judges: Beppe Masia (IT) & Cinzia Masetti Fedi Sgorbati (IT)

National Dog Show (Golub-Dobrzyń, PL)
Working Class – excellent I, CWC/CAC
Best Dog, BOB, BOG IV

Austrian Winner (Wels, AT)
Working Class – excellent I, CACA

European Dog Show 2019 (Wels, AT)
Working Class – excellent I, CACA

Hunting Dogs National Show (Uzarzewo, PL)
Working Class – excellent I, CWC/CAC, Best Working Dog
4th place in Best Dogs with Working Class Certificate

Dog Shows 2016

National Dog Show in Gorzów Wielkopolski (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC, Best Adult Dog, BOB

International Dog Show in Leszno (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC, CACIB, Best Adult Dog, BOB

XIV National Gundog Show in Poznań (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC, Best Adult Dog, BOB

International Dog Show in Łódź (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC, CACIB, Best Adult Dog, BOB

Dog Shows 2015

International Dog Show in Poznań (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC

International Dog Show in Poznań (PL)
excellent I, CWC/CAC

XXIII International Dog Show in Wrocław (PL)
excellent I, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, BOB

Sälen (SE) – Tollarspecialen 2015
excellent / Honor Prize

XLVII National Dog Show in Gorzów Wlkp. (PL)
excellent I, Junior Winner, Best Junior of Breed, BOB

XIII National Gundog Show in Poznań (PL)
excellent I, Junior Winner, Best Junior of Breed, BOB


Lorevy Kennel (Russia)
litter with JCH RUS Lorevy Zafira

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Lorevy kennel - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy litter

Photo: Елена Папахина

z Jesenické smečky Kennel (Czech Republic)
litter with JCH CZ Abby from Hana fields

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z Jsenicke smecky toller kenneler puppy litter

Photo: Petra Navrátilová