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About us

To have a dog – this had been our dream and an obvious necessity. Our expectations for the first dog had also been clear: a good swimmer and retriever that is agile, muscular, eager for work, and not too big too, since it would have to live in a block of flats.

It took us months to find a right breed. After long research and talking to many Toller owners, we have decided that the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is the best choice. This is why we got Weezy back in 2011, followed by Spock in 2014.

The dog became very important members of our family and  have changed our life completely. Since 2011 we have gained new experiences, met a lot of people from all over Europe and made some friendships that are very valuable to us. We’ve become members of the Polish Kennel Club and the Swedish Toller Club.

From the very beginning we have been trying to learn and understand everything we can about Tollers and the specific characteristics of this breed. We got involved in obedience, dummy work, as well as tolling and retriever hunting work. We have taken as our motto the words of Mrs. Alison Strang:

Zdjęcie: Marcin Rutkowski Photography | Snapbusters

Since many years we are involved in dog sports and promoting working with Tollers. We took part in all Polish National Toller Meetings, being co-organizers of three out of four of them. During those events, all participants could learn about obedience, agility and frisbee and try which dog sport would fit them best.

In 2017 we have organized a dummy seminar with Susanne Reinke and Maike Böhm from Germany. The aim of this event was to promote dummy work among Tollers’ handlers and show them some training methods perfect for mentality and style of work of our redheads (read more about the seminar by clicking: here).

In March 2018 roku we have invited Mr. Sverker Haraldsson from Sweden for the very first tolling seminar in Poland. This gave us the opportunity to train not only the retriever work, but most of all the one thing that makes our breed so exeptional – tolling work (you can read more about the tolling seminar by clicking: here).

We are always willing to share our passion and learn more about the breed. Please feel free to contact us:

Małgorzata Prażanowska
Poznań, POLAND

Zdjęcie: Marcin Rutkowski Photography | Snapbusters


Our dogs


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Spock

Dancing with Fire

Call name: „Spock”

Born on: 2014.04.04

Sire: Kalmegess’ Canadian Ranger

Dam: Stonaway’s Sky Trinity

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Shaggy Toller’s WILD SCIROCCO

Call name: „Weezy”

Born on: 2011.05.06

Sire: Shaggy Toller’s Tombstone Shadow

Dam: Shaggy Toller’s Ce-Li’s Wild Child

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